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Mergers & Acquisitions, Unsolicited Offers, ETC.

The Gryphon team is comprised of individuals who have built tremendous market credibility based on their involvement in the most complex merger transactions and unsolicited acquisitions occurring in Canada.

Ideally, Gryphon is engaged prior to an unsolicited bid being announced.  Initially Gryphon’s role is more strategic in nature. We analyze the composition of the target’s shareholder base to assess the potential success of a specific deal or to help define a successful deal structure. Similarly, we provide analysis regarding the corporate performance and industry position relative to peers for a target or potential targets.

In any M&A transaction, Gryphon will provide projected tender scenarios, which are the basis for developing customized engagement campaigns for institutional, retail, and employee securityholders. A key to success is our ability to track, identify and understand the shifting dynamics of an Issuer’s securityholder base following the announcement of a merger or proposed transaction. The reality is that upon deal announcement value investors are often replaced with opportunistic investors who typically have very specific expectation on what they see as a short-term opportunity. Knowing the hedge funds and arbitrage players and what motivates them is critically important in developing a winning strategy.

Our expansive access to retail shareholders and our close working relationships within the brokerage and arbitrage community provides insight that enables Gryphon to advise clients on how to tweak messaging and solicitation strategy on both friendly and hostile M&A transactions.

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