Consent Solicitations

Once a company successfully closes a public debt financing, it tends to pay little attention to debtholders. Re-engaging with those same investors to amend terms via a consent solicitation is an onerous undertaking. Many companies face challenges in simply Identifying debtholders let alone engaging in discussions in what is ostensibly a call for help. Gryphon’s consent solicitation service provides the expertise and horsepower to get the job done.

As with any investor communication program, identifying bondholders is a critical first step and Gryphon’s proprietary data and long term relationships with institutional investors and custodians is best in class. While the focus of the project is winning debtholder support, we will also look at equity ownership in order to make a fulsome assessment of an investor’s overall position.  Understanding the investor demographic then allows Gryphon to provide clients and their financial and legal advisors with a strategy on how to achieve maximum support from debtholders.

We always work collaboratively with our clients so that the solicitation is seamless to investors. While we regularly contact institutional investors, hedge funds and arbitrageurs we are cognizant that Issuer relationships with those same investors are valuable and should always be taken into consideration.  Whether it is the Gryphon team  or company management reaching out to individual institutional investors, we always lend support via validating contacts, coordinating meetings, providing critical follow up to ensure promised support is received.  Gryphon will also utilize its many relationships with the financial media to create broader awareness of the solicitation and to help win support for the company’s plans.

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