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Gryphon and FrontLine Advisors Inc. represent best-in-class full-service proxy solicitation, corporate governance and compensation consulting firms specializing in contested meetings, annual general meetings, special meetings, and mergers-and-acquisition related transactions.  New name. New look. Familiar faces. Enhanced expertise.

The Gryphon symbolizes courage, boldness, strength and leadership.  These are the values that each professional at Gryphon exudes and displays in every facet of their lives.

The ultimate beneficiary of those character traits are the Issuer and activist clients that decide to retain Gryphon as their strategic advisor.  Clients know that with Gryphon, they will face every oncoming challenge, or obstacle, head on and that the guile and wisdom of the Gryphon will be utilized, while ensuring innovative and creative solutions are put forward to address any challenge, obstacle and objective.  The team at Gryphon are forward thinking, strategic, entrepreneurial and influential decision makers, which gives our Issuer and activist clients the comfort that their best interest will be put forward and that the team at Gryphon will use its character traits to ensure a positive process and successful outcome.

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